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What's Your Story?


We all have a story to tell...

...and  - we can all learn from one another's stories! 

At Happy in Bold it is our goal to help others reach their goals. And one thing we've learned about reaching goals is that learning from others, is a great place to start. 

To help inspire our community of goal-getters we gather stories of goal-achievement from those who have successfully navigated their own goal journeys. 

After all, along with the achievement of any goal comes a unique story. A tale of challenges, and triumphs, frustrations, motivations and learnings. We invite you to share your own goal stories, and let them inspire others with their own journeys ahead.


Someone Needs to Hear Your Story

Large or small, simple or complex - every story you have to tell can help someone learn, grow or feel companionship as they go through similar trials and tribulations.

Every day, you face new goals and new challenges, and day after day, year after year, you have new stories to tell. Whether you are raising your kids, starting a new flower bed, starting a business or doing a home project - with every challenge and triumph, there is a story to be told.

Not Sure What to Share...?

These categories are sure to spark some ideas on what you can share! 


We always stress the importance of to taking care of ones PhysicalEmotional & Spiritual Health.

Do you have a weight loss story to tell? Or maybe a story about overcoming an injury or illness? A story about seeking methods to manage your mental or spiritual health?

We'd love to hear it!

We love to share stories about how it's important nurture your body and your mind in order to be at your best - to then tackle other goals in your life!


Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a knack for budgeting? Or maybe you've made awesome strides in your career?

Each month we share tips, advice and stories about finding financial freedom through growing your career, money saving tips, such as couponing or DIY projects, money making tips, such as side hustles or investment ideas. Money may not buy happiness, but happiness grows when you are confident in how to achieve financial freedom.

Complete your Goal Story Interview Worksheet and we'll email you with next steps!


What is life without love?

We know family and friends are an important factor in a happy life so we remind our fans to make time and goals surrounding their Friends, Family and their Significant Other.

Do you have a story about how you found love? Or about growing your family? Or perhaps about keeping your relationship strong with your best friends over the years? Think about the challenges you've faced in keeping your relationships with the ones you love strong. You may have more advice to share than you realize! 


We remind fans that their environment can make a huge impact on their mindset and motivation.

Because of this, each month we  share tips on Organization, Design, Decluttering and anything else that makes their environment support happiness & motivation.

Have you recently redecorated an area of your home? Did you find a great way to organize an area in your home or office? Do you have tips on how to keep organized with kids or family activities?

We'd love to hear about it! 


What are you passionate about? What hobby or interest gets you excited to jump out of bed each morning? These are things we'd love to hear about!

Do you love to cook and continue to tackle new recipes and techniques? Perhaps you love woodworking, knitting, decorating or running?

We'd love to hear your story about exploring your passions - where did you start? How far have you come? Where are you headed next? 

Complete your Goal Story Interview Worksheet and we'll email you with next steps!

...and more!

Do you have a story to tell, but not sure if it falls in one of these 5 categories - no problem! 

Please fill out the Interview Worksheet to tell us about your story and we'll see how it fits into the content that we share with our fans. 

All stories are shared with full credits and rights given to the author. In fact, we'll link to your own website or social profiles as well as share you image and/or logo with your story as well. 

We look forward to hearing your tale!

How we Share Your Story


 At Happy in Bold, our goal is to help others find happiness through goals. Not only the achievement of goals, but in the pursuit. We share tales, tips and advice for our fans on tackling and achieving goals in the following ways:

Goal Story Blogs

Each week, we share Goal Story Blogs that highlight an example of challenges and triumphs in each of the categories above.

To share your story, simply fill out our Interview Worksheet.

Once submitted and approved we'll craft your story into a blog, and email you updates and a link!

Partners & Contributors Page

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All partners & contributors bio's are added to our Partners & Contributors page. If you contribute multiple stories, they'll all be linked on your bio.

Bios also include any links to your site, social or other contact information you may like to share. 

Monthly Compass Book

Each month, articles and Goal Stories from each category are also chosen to be printed in the monthly issue of Compass Book. Stories include a full bio of the contributor along with links to their website, social or any other attributions they'd prefer.

If your content is chosen to be added to the Compass Book, you'll also receive a FREE copy of that month's issue as a thank you! 

Continue to Share

We all have MULTIPLE stories to tell. In fact, you can probably think of stories to tell that fall into each of the 5 categories.

So which do you share...? All of them!

For each new goal, simply complete the Goal Interview Worksheet again.

We're excited to share as many stories as you'd like to provide!


We feature partners & contributors in our social media, email marketing and love to continue to collaborate together to inspire others with tales of goal progress.

Each time you have a new goal story, fill out the Interview Worksheet to share.

We're excited to read your stories!

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Let's Grow Together

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